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General: Keynote Speaker - Richard Tapia; Plenary Speakers - Craig Stewart, John Towns
    Tuesday July 17, 2012 8:00am - 9:40am @ Grand Ballroom 7th Floor

    Welcome - Craig Stewart

    Speaker: John Towns, NCSA
    Title: State of XSEDE 

    Abstract - XSEDE has just wrapped up its first year of the program with a myriad of activities during that first year.  In the presentation we will review the purpose and mission of XSEDE. In the spirit of the conference, "Bridging from the eXtreme to the campus and beyond," we will also review the expanded focus of the program with respect to the broad community it intends to support.  Throughout the talk we will highlight some of the significant accomplishments of XSEDE in its inaugural year.

    Speaker: Richard Tapia, Rice
    Title: Crisis In Higher Education: The Need For New Leadership

    Abstract: Extreme growth in the nation’s Hispanic population, primarily Mexican American, is forcing educational challenges at a crisis level for the country.  The problem is exacerbated by the fact that  this fastest growing segment of the nation’s  population  continues to be the least educated.  His warning is that the rate at which the minority population is growing outpaces the rate at which we are improving our effectiveness in educating this segment of the population.  Because the economic health of the country is based in large measure upon technical advances, the country must find a way to incorporate this growing population into the mainstream of scientific and technical endeavors. 

    The speaker's remarks will  focus on the successes and  failures of  the nation’s tier 1  universities regarding their  representation at the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels  in science, engineering, and mathematics.  The speaker will also relate how he became a leader in underrepresentation issues at the campus, state, and national levels, and will discuss challenges he's faced throughout this journey.  




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