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TUTORIAL: High-Throughput Computing With XSEDE
    Monday July 16, 2012 1:00pm - 5:00pm @ Burnham 8th Floor

    ABSTRACT: High-throughput computing is not as well understood as some of the other types of computing available on XSEDE resources. However, the Purdue Condor Pool and OSG are very good resources for certain types of computational scientific research and can provide a large number of compute hours if the type of research computing required is a good match. This tutorial will cover the concept of high-throughput computing, the types of jobs that might be a good "match" for the Purdue Condor Pool and OSG resources, as well as a background in the Condor software that provides the main job submission and workflow mechanism for both resources. Additional details will be provided on how both the Purdue Condor Pool and OSG are set up. Example serial code, as well as access to both the Purdue Condor Pool and OSG for a "hands-on" workshop, will be provided in the second half of the tutorial.

    REQUIRES: Laptop, GSISSH, Web browser




    Type Tutorial

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