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Software: The Anatomy
    Thursday July 19, 2012 9:45am - 10:15am @ Toledo 5th Floor

    Software: The Anatomy of Successful ECSS Projects: Lessons of Supporting High-Throughput High-Performance Ensembles on XSEDE

    Abstract: The Extended Collaborative Support Service (ECSS) of XSEDE is aprogram to provide support for advanced user requirements thatcannot and should not be supported via a regular ticketingsystem. Recently, two ECSS projects have been awarded by XSEDEmanagement to support the high-throughput of high-performance (HTHP)molecular dynamics (MD) simulations; both of these ECSS projects usea SAGA-based Pilot-Jobs approach as the technology required tosupport the HTHP scenarios. Representative of the underlying ECSSphilosophy, these projects were envisioned as three-waycollaborations between the application stake-holders,advanced/research software development team, and the resourceproviders. In this paper, we describe the aims and objectives ofthese ECSS projects, how the deliverables have been met, and somepreliminary results obtained. We also describe how SAGA has beendeployed on XSEDE in a Community Software Area as a necessaryprecursor for these projects.


    Type Software and Software Environments Track

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