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General: Speaker - James Gutowski
    Tuesday July 17, 2012 1:15pm - 1:30pm @ Grand Ballroom 7th Floor

    Speaker - James Gutowski, Dell
    Title - Stampede:  Enabling more science with XSEDE 

    Abstract - When deployed in 2013, Stampede, built by TACC in partnership with Dell and Intel, will be the most powerful system in the NSF's eXtreme Digital (XD) program, and will support the nation's scientists in addressing the most challenging scientific and engineering problems over four years. Stampede will have a peak performance of 10 petaflops, with 272 terabytes of total memory, and 14 petabytes of disk storage. This presentation will provide an overview of Stampede and the innovative technologies that will enable more science for XSEDE users. 




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