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TUTORIAL: Developing Science Gateways
    Monday July 16, 2012 1:00pm - 5:00pm @ Holabird Room, 8th Floor

    TUTORIAL: Developing Science Gateways using Apache Airavata API

    ABSTRACT: The tutorial will be based on Apache Airavata, a software toolkit to build science gateways. Airavata provides features to compose, manage, execute, and monitor small to large-scale applications and workflows on computational resources ranging from local clusters to national grids such as XSEDE and computing clouds such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud. Airavata builds on general concepts of service-oriented computing, distributed messaging, workflow composition, and orchestration. The Airavata suite includes tools for workflow composition and monitoring. The standout feature of the workflow engine allows it to interpret at each step, providing dynamic interactive capabilities. The core capabilities provide the ability to wrap command line-driven science applications and make them into robust, network-accessible services. The Airavata Registry provides persistent data store. The gateway building toolkit also includes a publish/subscribe-based messaging system with features to incorporate clients behind firewalls and overcome network glitches.

    REQUIRES: SSH, SVN, Web browser

    PREREQUISITES: Grid computing, portal development experience




    Type Tutorial

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