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TUTORIAL: Introduction to BigJob
    Monday July 16, 2012 8:00am - 12:00pm @ Illinois, 5th floor

    TUTORIAL: Introduction to BigJob - A SAGA-Based Interoperable, Extensible and Scalable Pilot-Job for XSEDE

    ABSTRACT: The SAGA-based Pilot-Job, known as BigJob, provides the unique capability to use Pilot-Jobs on the highest-performing machines as well as collectively on distributed cyberinfrastructure. It supports very large-scale parallel jobs, as well as high throughput of many smaller jobs. In addition to the number and range of job sizes that it supports, what makes BigJob unique among all Pilot-Jobs is its ability to be programmatically extended to support a range of "simple workflows," provide application-level control of both the Pilots and the tasks assigned to the Pilot-Job, and its interoperability over all XSEDE and OSG platforms. This half-day tutorial will bring together SAGA team members, XSEDE staff, and XSEDE end users (scientists using BigJob) to deliver: The basic concepts behind Pilot-Jobs, several science exemplars that routinely use BigJob on XSEDE for extreme-scale science, introduction on how to use BigJob, how to use BigJob on XSEDE and OSG, how to program and customize BigJob for your needs, building frameworks using BigJob, and advanced concepts and application-level scheduling using BigJob.

    REQUIRES: Laptop


    Type Tutorial

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