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TUTORIAL: Toward Improved Performance Solutions (TIPS) on XSEDE Systems
    Monday July 16, 2012 8:00am - 5:00pm @ St. Clair, 5th floor

    ABSTRACT: This tutorial, suitable for attendees with intermediate-level experience in Parallel programing, will provide a comprehensive overview on the optimization techniques to speed up parallel programs. It will focus on analyzing and tuning the performance of the code to efficiently use XSEDE computing resources. An overview on parallel programming models (MPI, OpenMP, Threads and Hybrid) and performance tools (FPMPI, PAPI, IPM, TAU and PerfExpert) will be presented, emphasizing performance measurement, profiling, tracing, and analysis to improve application performance. Moreover, a discussion of various MPI/OpenMP techniques, I/O paradigms and state of the art numerical linear packages will be presented with emphasis on best practices and scalability. A hands-on session will be conducted for each part to give participants the opportunity to investigate techniques and performance optimizations on a HPC system. Example codes with instructions will be provided to facilitate individual discovery. Additionally, participants may bring and work on their own codes.

    REQUIRES: Laptop, SSH

    PREREQUISITES: Parallel programming experience




    Type Tutorial

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