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Software: The Eclipse Parallel Tools
    Wednesday July 18, 2012 11:30am - 12:00pm @ Toledo 5th Floor

    Software: The Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform: Toward an Integrated Development Environment for XSEDE Resources

    Abstract: Eclipse is a widely used, open source integrated development environment that includes support for C, C++, Fortran, and Python. The Parallel Tools Platform (PTP) extends Eclipse to support development on high performance computers. PTP allows the user to run Eclipse on her laptop, while the code is compiled, run, debugged, and profiled on a remote HPC system. PTP provides development assistance for MPI, OpenMP, and UPC; it allows users to submit jobs to the remote batch system and monitor the job queue; and it provides a visual parallel debugger.

    In this paper, we will describe the capabilities we have added to PTP to support XSEDE resources. These capabilities include submission and monitoring of jobs on systems running Sun/Oracle Grid Engine, support for GSI authentication and MyProxy logon, support for environment modules, and integration with compilers from Cray and PGI. We will describe ongoing work and directions for future collaboration, including OpenACC support and parallel debugger integration



    Type Software and Software Environments Track

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