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TUTORIAL: Hands-on Tutorial
    Monday July 16, 2012 8:00am - 12:00pm @ Ohio, 5th floor

    TUTORIAL: Hands-on Tutorial for Building Science Gateway Applications on Cyberinfrastructure

    ABSTRACT: The science gateway approach has been widely adopted to bridge cyberinfrastructure (CI) and domain science communities by establishing an online problem-solving environment that seamlessly manages domain-specific computations on CI and provides usable Web- and/or desktop-based gateway applications to community users. As CI resources become increasingly available and accessible for researchers and scientists, agile and effective gateway application development becomes crucial to efficiently leverage CI computing power in domain-specific computation and allow researchers to concentrate on their domain problem solving. This tutorial uses SimpleGrid, a toolkit for efficient learning and development of science gateway building blocks, to provide hands-on experience in leveraging CI (XSEDE in particular) for domain-specific scientific computing, developing XSEDE-enabled science gateway applications as software and Web services, and integrating gateway applications as modular and highly usable Web 2.0 applications. Apache Rave will be used for hands-on exercises of building gateway app gadgets and a prototype Web portal. The intended audience for this tutorial includes researchers and developers who have their scientific codes ready for planned use of CI and are interested in providing community access to the codes by creating a science gateway.

    REQUIRES: Web browser, SSH

    PREREQUISITES: Web development, grid computing experience



    Type Tutorial

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